How to say bread in french? (2024)

What is a French word for bread?

bread: argent; monnaie; sous; fric; capitaux; pognon; centimes; deniers; blé; pain de froment; pain.

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What does pain de mie means?

Pain de mie. An approximate translation of the name of this popular French bread is “crustless bread”, referring to its thin layer of crust and thick white interior.

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What if the French word for bread is pain?

Pain is the French word for "bread", and la mie is the soft part of bread, called the crumb in English. Two loaves of pain de mie.

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What is a word for bread?

Synonyms: loaf , bun, roll , bread stick, baguette, cob (UK, regional), bap (UK, regional) Sense: Noun: food. Synonyms: food , sustenance, grub (slang), chow (slang), eats (slang), vittles (archaic), fare , meals, provisions, nourishment.

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Is there another word for bread?

On this page you'll find 59 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to bread, such as: aliment, comestibles, diet, fare, feed, and grub.

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What is mie in English?

adjective. my [adjective] of or belonging to me. (Translation of mie from the PASSWORD Italian–English Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)

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What is the meaning of the word zut?

interjection. damn [interjection] expressing anger, irritation etc.

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What is pain in French cooking?

The French word for "bread."

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How do French people express pain?

The most widely used one is maybe “avoir mal” which literally means “to have a pain” even if in English you would rather say “I feel a pain” or you will mention a body part and add the word “ache” as in “backache”.

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Is it un pain or une baguette?

Un pain (a masculine word so pronounce un like you've been hit in the stomach) is made with the same dough as a baguette and has a slightly thicker shape. A traditional baguette is called a baguette tradition, baguette à l'ancienne or baguette de campagne.

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What is the French word for sandwich?

noun. le sandwich masc. a cheese sandwich un sandwich au fromage.

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How do you say petit pain?

Petit pain, pronounced "puh-tee pan", literally means "small bread" which in most of France signifies a bread roll.

How to say bread in french? (2024)

How do you say one pain au chocolate in French?

Pain au Chocolat & Other Viennoiserie

Sample Phrase: Je prend un pain au chocolat, s'il vous plaît. I'll have a chocolate croissant please.

What is a French roll called?

Baguette. When it comes to types of bread, a baguette is quintessentially French. The forming of the loaf is key to making a proper baguette and usually requires a special proofing pan and cloth. The result is a long, skinny loaf with a chewy texture and a firm bite in the crust.

What is a ball of bread called?

Boule, from French, meaning "ball", is a traditional shape of French bread resembling a squashed ball. A boule can be made using any type of flour and can be leavened with commercial yeast, chemical leavening, or even wild yeast sourdough.

What do you call old bread?

Stale bread definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary.

What is bread called in England?

That explains why people from northern England predominantly plump for 'buns' or 'barm cakes', while in the south-east (especially London and the Home Counties), all you'll really hear is 'roll'.

Is it OK to say breads?

Bread is an uncountable noun. Therefore you can't use 'a' or 'an' with it. But you can refer to it as 'a piece / a slice / a loaf' of bread. Its plural form is generally 'bread', but while talking about the different types, you may use 'breads', just like in the case of 'fish'.

What is a small loaf of bread called?

A bread roll is a small, often round loaf of bread served as a meal accompaniment (eaten plain or with butter). A roll can be served and eaten whole or cut transversely and dressed with filling between the two halves.

What is mon amie English?

Mon ami (or mon amie in the feminine) means “my friend.”

What is Sert in English?

attend, to Verb (attends; attended; attending)

What is der freitag in English?

Der Freitag (English: The Friday, stylized in its logo as der Freitag) is a German weekly newspaper established in 1990.

Is sacre bleu vulgar?

Sacrebleu or sacre bleu is a French profanity used as a cry of surprise, irritation or displeasure.

What does oze mean in French?

adjective. daring [adjective] bold; courageous.

Is Meuf a bad word?

Sometimes it is considered derogatory but it certainly isn't always intended to be. Nevertheless, it's probably best to play it safe with who you use it around.

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