What is a boule bread? (2023)

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What is a bread boule?

: a round, usually crusty loaf of bread.

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What shape is a boule bread?

Boule is a French term meaning bread in a round shape. It's a simple shaping style. Typically, it's the first shaping technique new bakers learn. It requires only a few motions to transform a shaggy, divided dough into a uniform round that will bake beautifully in the oven.

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What are the characteristics of boule bread?

The French word boule means ball or round, so “boule” may be used to describe a variety of breads that all have the boule shape in common. A typical French boule is a hearty, country bread with a chewy crust, an open crumb, and a moderately soft interior and is baked in many different sizes.

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What does boule mean in baking?

A boule, meaning “ball”, is a round shaped loaf.

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Is a boule a bread bowl?

The boule is a French bread that literately translates to ball, which makes sense based on its round size and ball like appearance. Although this bread is deserved of a place in the bread basket, it also deserves consideration for use as a bread bowl.

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Is a boule a loaf?

The “Boule” ( French word for “ball”) is a traditional shape of French bread, resembling a squashed ball. This loaf shape is so traditional that it is the reason why a bread baker is referred to as a “boulanger” in French, and a bread bakery a “boulangerie”.

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What is the difference between bread and boule?

A 'boule' is any round bread. (in France) 'Boule' literally means 'ball'. Guess what---boules are almost always made with levain, but they are not usually sour. But they can be sour if that's what you want.

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How big is a Boule bread?

Boule: "A round loaf of crusty bread." Size: Each loaf is 14.4 oz. and approx. 5-1/2" in diameter.

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How do you eat a boule?

Serve as an appetizer or with soup, salad, or chili.It is usually served as an appetizer like a pull apart bread. It is delicious and a huge hit for any party, family gathering or Super Bowl. The sky is the limit with the ingredients depending on the flavor profile you like.

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What is boule also known as?

Boules (French pronunciation: ​[bul]) is a collective name for a wide range of games similar to bowls and bocce (in French: jeu or jeux, in Croatian: boćanje and in Italian: gioco or giochi) in which the objective is to throw or roll heavy balls (called boules in France, buće in Croatian and bocce in Italy) as closely ...

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What is the boule known for?

The boule was a group of 500 men, 50 from each of ten Athenian tribes, who served on the Council for one year. Unlike the ekklesia, the boule met every day and did most of the hands-on work of governance.

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What is the boule used for?

The boule was considered the cornerstone of the democratic constitution, providing a locus for day-to-day activities and holding together the many disparate administrative functions of the government.

What is a boule bread? (2023)
How do you use bread Boule?

To serve, fill the hollowed-out bread up with soup. In the case of French Onion Soup, top with cheese and pop them in the oven. Set your bread bowl on a plate or in a shallow bowl. Eat the soup with a spoon and eat the delicious, broth-soaked bread with your hands!

What is the difference between a baguette and a boule?

A baguette is a French bread shaped like a stick. Baguette means baton, wand or stick. A boule is a round shaped loaf.

What type of bread is Panera Bread bowls?

Crafted from the same artisan Sourdough bread used in the classic Bread Bowl, the Double Bread Bowl features a crunchy crust and chewy center that pairs perfectly with all Panera soups, from sweet Creamy Tomato to the cheesy goodness of Broccoli Cheddar.

Is a boule good for sandwiches?

boule is a smaller version of our boule. Serves well as a table bread or a container for hot soup or creamy dips. The crown jewel, this bread could be used as a pull-apart roll, a mini boule or even as an upscale sandwich for burgers.

What is New Orleans bread called?

This thin-crusted variety of French Bread—more commonly known as the Baguette, Po' Boy Loaf or Sunday Cap Bread—is fundamental to the New Orleans gastronomy.

What is crustless bread called?

Crustless bread is bread without crusts. Panko is made from such a bread, which is produced by passing an electric current through the dough. The British food group RHM manufactures a crustless bread targeted at children called Hovis Invisible Crust, which is produced by baking the bread at low temperature.

What is a round loaf of bread called?

Boule bread history goes back much further than batard history, and it's possibly one of the most popular of all bread shapes. The word boule literally means ball in French. One look at this big, round loaf and it's not hard to see how it got its name.

What is the middle of a loaf of bread called?

The soft, inner part of bread is known to bakers and other culinary professionals as the crumb , which is not to be confused with small bits of bread that often fall off, called crumbs.

How long does Boule bread last?

Let's start off with the bad news: If there's a loaf of lean bread on your counter—meaning a loaf without added fat or sugar, such as a sourdough boule, ciabatta, or a baguette—it's only at its best for a few days after baking. After 48 hours or so, the bread loses flavor and becomes harder and dryer.

What are the three types of French bread?

6 classic types of French bread
  • Baguette. The classic long, thin loaf, whose dough is actually defined by French law. ...
  • Ficelle. The baguette's longer, skinnier cousin, often sprinkled with cheese or sesame seeds. ...
  • Brioche. A light, puffy, sweet bread containing eggs and butter. ...
  • Fougasse. ...
  • Pain de campagne. ...
  • Pain complet.
Jun 14, 2016

How do you heat bread Boule?

Let the bread come to room temperature, then pop in the oven for 5-10 minutes at 350 degrees for a warm revitalized loaf.

What is the biggest piece of bread?

The Largest Loaf By Weight

The loaf, baked to celebrate Guinness World Records Day, weighed over 1500kg on completion, baked in a special tray that created a snaking loaf.

How heavy is a boule?


The International and French Petanque and Jeu Provençal federations (F.I.P.J.P. and F.F.P.J.P.) Weights vary between 650 g and 800 g.

How do you tell if a boule is done?

Tap the Bottom. Take the loaf out of the oven and turn it upside down, taking it out of the pan if you're making a sandwich loaf. Give the bottom of the loaf a couple firm taps with your thumb. The bread will sound hollow when it's done.

Do bread bowls get soggy?

How do I keep my bread bowl from getting soggy? The biggest way to avoid a soggy bowl is to serve a thicker soup inside. Broth type soups will soak up the middle and create a soggy mess. Also, serve the bread bowl immediately after adding the soup-the longer the soup sits the soggier the bread will be.

Are you supposed to eat a bread bowl?

The proper — indeed, the only — procedure is to consume the container in a way that does not leave the contents all over one's clothes. In the case of a bread bowl, this can be done after the soup is finished either with real utensils (i.e., not plastic) or hands, depending on the formality of the meal.

Where did boule come from?

boule, Greek Boulē, deliberative council in ancient Greece. It probably derived from an advisory body of nobles, as reflected in the Homeric poems. A boule existed in virtually every constitutional city-state and is recorded from the end of the 6th century bce at Corinth, Argos, Athens, Chios, and Cyrene.

Where does boule originate from?

boules, French Jeu De Boules, also called Pétanque, French ball game, similar to bowls and boccie. It is thought to have originated about 1910, but it is based on the very old French game of jeu Provençal. Boules is played between two players or teams.

What nationality is boule?

French (Boulé): from a derivative of Old French bouler 'to play ball' (see 2 above) a metonymic occupational name for a bowls player.

How many times could a person serve on the boule?

The Council of 500 (Boule) is a mystery in its early existence, but we know that later its membership was determined by lot from the whole citizen body, 50 men from each tribe each year. No one could serve more than twice.

What is the modern day boule?

Sigma Pi Phi (ΣΠΦ), also known as The Boulé, founded in 1904, is the oldest fraternity for African Americans among those named with Greek letters. The fraternity does not have collegiate chapters and is designed for professionals at mid-career or older. Sigma Pi Phi was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Who is the founder of boule?

The basic idea of the Fraternity was conceived by Henry M. Minton and was refined and enthusiastically supported by the other founders.

What are the basic rules of boules?

All boules must be thrown from within the starting circle and with both feet on the ground. The player attempts to throw the boule so that it lands as close to the jack as possible it is okay to hit the jack. The player must remain inside the circle until the boule has landed.

What is the difference between French and Italian boule?

French bread tends to be longer and narrower. Italian bread loaves tend to be shorter and plumper. French bread tends to be hard and crusty on the outside, with a light and soft crumb. Italian bread can also have a hard crust, but the crumb tends to be denser.

Why do we eat bread with soup?

The soup is the melody while bread sings harmony. For instance, a super dense and hearty soup like chicken noodle does not need a dense, dark bread to support it. A creamy soup requires something extra-absorbent and fluffy. You can go on intuition to figure out some of these classic matchups.

Can you freeze boule bread?

Just about any other bread is freezer eligible, though, including sandwich loaves, old-world boules, yeasted coffee cakes, and you can also freeze bread like dinner rolls.

Why does my homemade bread fall apart when I slice it?

Too much flour and not enough water can cause crumbly bread – people often do this if the dough is too sticky and they add more flour rather than kneading through it. Other culprits can be overproving or not kneading enough – the things you need to do to get a good structure.

What are the cuts in bread called?

A lame (/læm, leɪm/) is a double-sided blade that is used to slash the tops of bread loaves in baking. A lame is used to score (also called slashing or docking) bread just before the bread is placed in the oven.

Why do you cut lines in bread?

Scoring is the process of cutting a slash in the surface of bread dough before baking. Bread dough rapidly expands when it is first placed in the oven (an effect known as “oven spring”), and scoring controls this expansion. Bakers score their loaves to prevent them from cracking—and to give the dough a helpful boost.

What kind of bread is Panera baguette?

Panera French Baguette offers a wealth of meal preparations, from appetizers and sandwiches to the ideal pairing for a soup or salad. Scored and baked to perfection, this French bread baguette has a thin crust. Available as a whole loaf, this dairy free bread is vegetarian.

What do Italians call a baguette?

Filone is the Italian version of a French baguette, especially considering its long shape.

Why do baguettes taste better than bread?

And it's all in the crust. According to a new American Chemical Society study published earlier this week in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, chewing bread with a crunchy crust releases a larger amount of aroma molecules than bread with a less brittle crust.

Is Boule bread same as sourdough?

made with a sourdough/levain---its all the same! A 'boule' is any round bread. (in France) 'Boule' literally means 'ball'. Guess what---boules are almost always made with levain, but they are not usually sour.

Is sourdough boule healthy?

Sourdough bread is also an excellent source of antioxidants. Studies have shown that antioxidants like the peptides found in sourdough can lower the risk for certain types of cancer, signs of aging, or chronic diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

Do French bakers use sourdough?

The French bakers avoid to use the term sourdough and, as a matter of fact, some of the French products available in English supermarkets are labelled as 'made with authentic levain' and they are rather sweet, such as Brioche and milk bread rolls.

What do you use boule for?

This bread pairs wonderfully with homemade soup. It can also be used for sandwiches or sliced and served plain with salted butter. In my opinion, great bread doesn't need a lot of frills or toppings.

How long does boule bread last?

Let's start off with the bad news: If there's a loaf of lean bread on your counter—meaning a loaf without added fat or sugar, such as a sourdough boule, ciabatta, or a baguette—it's only at its best for a few days after baking. After 48 hours or so, the bread loses flavor and becomes harder and dryer.

How do you store boule bread?

An exception to the general practice of wrapping bread for storage is large, heavy boules (round loaves). These can be stored for a couple of days unwrapped, cut side down on the counter. No wrapping means their crust will stay relatively crisp.


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